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Risk Management

  • Risk Identification.
  • Risk Analysis & Measurement.
  • Evaluating the size of damage resulting from the risk.
  • Establishing the right risk transfer structure for the risk.
  • Assisting in establishing internal risk management department.
  • Creating internal risk management system to control risks coming from any operation, contract or commercial with third parties.

Corporate Responsibilities & Liabilities

Identifying risks resulting from any operational contract with third parties such as manufacturing agreement with another pharmaceutical company. Assisting in evaluating and applying any insurance requirements from any third part such as financing parties

Assisting in structuring any insurance requirements, which should be required from your side from any party to reduce risks and liabilities arising from this agreement.


Establishing Internal Risk Control System

  • Establishing communication panels between the insurance department and all other departments to exchange risk information and risk control solutions..
  • Enhancing internal and external reporting methods of risk related information..
  • Negotiating better terms with the insurance and reinsurance companies.
  • Seeking alternative international and local market.
  • Enhancing the risk management and control system.

Contractual Liability Management.

Design and create any insurance requirement for any construction or erection works for any new expansion or plant. Specifying the Risk Transfer Mechanismfor your business. After deciding on the risk transfer mechanism for any projects will be carried by you, we will assist in establishing the right insurance needs for such projects.

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